Our Team

The Veteran Survey is being led by Mr. Brian Niswander, an Air Force veteran with over 25-years of experience with industry and the federal government. In the mid-1990s, Brian transitioned from the military into the corporate ranks and has served in various management and leadership positions with Fortune 500 and public organizations. His civilian career includes marketing, management, strategic planning, global distribution, supply chain and manufacturing assignments. The inspiration for this project came after coaching military members and veterans, for the past 19 years, regarding the transition and civilian hiring process. Many of our transitioning military members and veterans ask the same types of questions when considering their move into the civilian workforce. This project was started to gather responses to help these individuals and the veteran community.

Please contact Brian via email (militarytransitionsurvey@gmail.com) to discuss the survey or connect with him on LinkedIN.

Mr. Don Greiman joins Military-Transition.org having transitioned into the civilian work force after a 30-year military career that began as an enlisted USAF airman and culminated as a senior field grade officer. As the Vice Commander of a highly technical Air Force organization, he was coach, mentor, and a senior staffing strategist for more than 2,500 military and civilians, supported by over 500 full time defense contractors. His civilian career includes stints as a USAF civil servant, a business development manager for an R&D focused small business, the director of operations for a $120M large business operating location, and senior vice president for intelligence strategies and corporate proposal functions in a minority-owned small business. In one 2-year stretch, he oversaw the hiring of more than 160 technically advanced engineers, scientists, and corporate staff members, and increased the local work force retention by 3.4% to levels above 95% by restoring confidence in company career progression and rejuvenating succession planning.

Please contact Don via email (Don@GreimanGp.com) or on LinkedIN to discuss how his passion for helping veterans, knowledge, and experience may benefit your military transition or in helping find the right veterans to increase the profitability of your company.